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What is after9months? is about healing our moms after birth. After all, healthy mother means healthy family. This is the first and only information based website exclusively about postpartum healing that is comprehensive, and evidence-based information about pregnancy and birth related issues for new mothers.


Over 6 million pregnancies happen every year. The whole process of having a baby is no less than a miracle of life. Arguably, the birthing process is the most complicated component and is just as impairing for the body as having surgery, if not more. A lot of changes happen to the body during the process of childbirth; some of these changes are physiological and some can be traumatic. Our healthcare system takes better care of people undergoing hernia and joint replacements compared to our mothers after childbirth. There is a deep void about postpartum awareness and there are very few resources that provide information about postpartum care. It is surprising that you get a wealth of information about pregnancy, labor, and birth from your family, practitioners, and even strangers, but you will hear very little about postpartum issues, let alone how to cope with it.


Our mission is to bring accurate, organized and evidence-based information to educate mothers on preparing their bodies to manage the stressors of pregnancy and childbirth and to achieve complete recovery. We break down the information into different stages of postpartum to keep it simple to understand and follow. We not only educate about the issues but also provide information about how to address these problems. We have an advisory board of professors, researchers, and clinicians, who are best in their field. It is about time to start talking about postpartum which is lot more than postpartum depression and body size. Let’s heal our moms!

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