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Meet Our Team

Dhara Solanki

Founder, Pelvic Health Physical Therapist is my passion because of my personal journey with postpartum recovery. I never thought I would be affected by postpartum issues, considering I was a pelvic health therapist. After giving birth to my kids, I thought I would bounce back in 6 weeks, or less which did not happen. After a year long healing and turning each stone on my way, it was clear how neglected postpartum care was. I realized that my goals of 6 weeks recovery were unrealistic - mainly due to a lack of awareness. The sad part is this is not just my story. When my conversation with postpartum mothers ends with #iwishiknew about this, I am reminded about the acute scarcity of information about postpartum. I feel obliged to bring my professional expertise and blue print of my journey to other moms. Surprising fact is all mothers have illusion that they are the only one dealing with these issues and other are doing fine.

I feel blessed to have a community to able to bring change but this effort is not good enough to fill the void at global level, hence my quest to bring my knowledge, professional experience to the wider community. With hands-on experience as a pelvic health therapist, and as an entrepreneur, I know how to convert this idea into a real resource. I have a clear vision of the end goal.

Anupriya Kasumnal_edited.jpg

Anupriya  Kasumnal

Research Reviewer and Writer

You’re on your way to making some big changes on how you look and feel about those post-pregnancy issues and I am honored to be a part of your journey.

My purpose in life is to help women know about the problems they’re facing after their baby is born, to educate and empower them to be even more happy and confident in their days of motherhood. And the only way to make a change, is to ask yourself how badly you want a change, and then to get up and do something about it. Even if it is only one step at a time.

While working as a Medical Writer in the pharmaceutical industry, I realized my calling towards working for people. I absolutely loved being a Medical Writer, but I wanted to help people and especially women in a personal way. So I joined the wonderful team of after9months as a Scientific Writer and Reviewer to coach pregnant women out there and help them get back after the tiresome event of pregnancy.

I am fully committed to helping you improve your quality of life. I have met so many mothers who limit their knowledge, and believe that cure to certain postpartum events is unobtainable. I am here to help you know that if you have the right information at the right time, recovery from absolutely anything is possible!


Olivia Montiano


I am here to help demystify your birth and postpartum experience so that you can be happy, healthy, and as equipped as possible both approaching and throughout your journey. As a science writer, I live to bring research and unbiased, accurate information to your front door.


Having seen many loved ones experience birth and the postpartum period, I noticed they all have one thing in common. Something along the way caught them by surprise, so me and the other women behind after9months aim to address those times of hurt, worry, confusion and surprise alike to help you feel in control and optimistic during your recovery. You are not alone! I am your ally and friend. Every minute I work I hope that I am bringing you peace of mind or solutions to overcome obstacles during your recovery.


I love the after9months space and the fact that I can aid women worldwide in each of their own inspiring and challenging postpartum journeys by bringing relevant and empowering scientific information to their fingertips. It means the world to me to present science within such a supportive environment as after9months where I can communicate with mothers everywhere.

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